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Magnetic Slimming Toe Ring

Magnetic Slimming Toe Ring

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“I started using it postpartum and now it’s been 3 months since I had my baby. I've worn it for a month to make sure it's effective and I've already lost inches off my waist. I look better than before I was pregnant!”



All your molecules have a small amount of magnetic energy in them. Certain problems happen because your magnetic fields are out of balance. Thus, in Magnetic Acupuncture Therapy, magnets go on the same sections of your skin that an acupuncturist would focus on to right this balance.

Studies show that acupuncture is effective in treating people with obesity, possibly due to neuroendocrine regulation. Today an overactive stress response causes the body to chronically store excess weight. By down-regulating the sympathetic nervous system, acupuncture helps prevent and reverse the effects of the stress response on fat storage. Acupuncture can also promote digestion and metabolism.

It is designed to fix your imbalance of energy by applying constant pressure on a strategic acupuncture point that acts on weight loss located behind the big toe. The 2 pieces of magnet in the rings can emit 1,100 gauss/’s magnetic force on the LV4 acupuncture point, which has the largest effect on losing weight


  • Hassle-Free Slimming - Slims you down without diets or exercise as it effectively burns fat and reduces bloating.
  • Magnetic Acupuncture - Applies magnetic pressure on a key acupuncture point under the big toe that boosts fat-burning.
  • Non-Invasive  - A healthy, natural and non-invasive way to lose weight.
  • Powerful Magnet - Its powerful magnets emit 1,100 gauss/’s magnetic force, ensuring the best results.
  • Skin-Safe - Safe for all skin types. Uses soft, non-allergenic silicone to prevent chafing. 
  • Easy to Use - No complex routine to follow, just put it on and it instantly works!


How to Use

  1. Stretch and place the ring around your big toe.
  2. Repeat for other foot.


  • Material : Silicone, magnetic
  • Size : 2.7 cm


  • Magnetic Slimming Toe Ring x 1pc


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